About Department

1.0 INTRODUCTION AND HISTORICAL NOTE The Department was however established in 2003. Full academic activities commenced during the 2004/2005 academic session. The Department in its nascent years was overseen by the then Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Pharmacology, Professor T.S. Emudianughe. The first substantive Head of Department was Professor D.T. Okpako. In 2004/2005 session a total of 15 B.Sc. students were offered admission into the Department. The first set of students graduated in 2007/2008 session. 2.0 PHILOSOPHY/DEPARTMENT BRIEF Pharmacology is the science of drug action in its varied aspects. The B.Sc. programme is designed to introduce the student to the main issues in a fast moving field of science. Career opportunities for graduate in Pharmacology could be in drug industries and research institute where they can function as research scientist, laboratory scientists, production chemist etc. and of course, in the University (teaching/research) Pharmacology graduate can undergo further studies in Pharmacology or in allied fields. 3.0 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The curriculum and programme are designed to achieve the following objectives: 1. Basic understanding of normal functioning of human body. 2. Principal of drug action at the molecular and cellular levels. 3. Advances in molecular biology and genetics as it relates to knowledge of Pharmacology. 4. Basic principles of therapeutics. 5. Knowledge of drug use in disease conditions involving organ failures. 6. To understand the effects of xenobiotics on the physiologic process in the body. 7. To train students whose future career will be in academics/research and drug development, or who may undertake a professional training in medical and related disciplines.