About Department

HISTORY OF DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE EDUCATION The history of the Department can be traced to 1991/92 academic session when it was first called Department of Curriculum and Instruction. The present day Department of Social Science Education was once part of the Department of Science Education. In 1995/96 academic session, the department was renamed the Department of Teacher’s Education (Science) after it was separated from the Department of Teachers Education (Social Science). The change in name of the Department still continued when in 2000/2001 session, the department was called the Department of Science Education. This name was highly treasured by both staff and students of the department.The Department under this name, housed five Science Education which include: Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, and Integrated Science. In 2006/2007 session the B.Sc(Ed) Computer Science Education programme was introduced into the Department. However, in 2010/2011 academic session, the Computer Science Education was relocated to Department of Technical and Business Education and the Department re-named Department of Curriculum and Integrated Science. The frequent changes in the name of the Department havecontinued presently, the name of the Department is Department of Science Education with Computer ScienceEducation restored to the department.The department now houses sixprogrammeswhich include: (a)B.Sc (Ed) Biology Education (b)B.Sc (Ed) Chemistry Education (c)B.Sc (Ed) Computer Science Education(d)B.Sc (Ed) Integrated Science (e)B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics Education (f)B.Sc (Ed) Physics Education