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DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY, ABRAKA FACULTY OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE A BRIEF 1. PHILOSOPHY AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME a) Philosophy The philosophy of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) degree programme is to produce graduates that will be knowledgeable in the art of collection, organization, analysis, dissemination and use of records. The implications of this basic philosophy are the ready accessibility of arts, economic, political, social and scientific information, and the positive correlation between Library and Information Science on the one hand and national development on the other. Thus, much emphasis will be placed on: i. Information needs of professional groups (Social Scientists, engineers, lecturers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc) ii. User studies and user expectations. iii. Information technology with hands-on experience to back up theoretical knowledge. iv. Meaning attachment to library and other information institutions with computer and other information and communication technology facilities. (b) Objectives The objectives of the programme are to: i. Identify the central academic body of knowledge, not only the routines, which will permit the students to face changes and challenges of all kinds including changes and challenges in information technology. ii. Produce qualified personnel to man the ever increasing number of libraries and other information institutions. iii. Prepare a crop of dedicated librarians and information scientists who will serve as catalysts for the rapid development of information institutions in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. 2. VISION AND MISSION STATEMENTS Vision Statement To provide Library and Information Science professionals who will compete favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world. The Department is committed to excellence through services that support the mission of the university as well as encourage and support lifelong learning. Mission Statement To be able to achieve the vision, the Department is poised to: i. Provide qualitative and meaningful educational experience that meet current and emerging information and technological needs; ii. Prepare students for productive roles in a variety of continually evolving information environment.